Wilson Eye Center

Location: Valdosta, GA
Website: http://www.wilsoneyecenter.com
Established: 1981
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Wilson Eye Center a Best Practice.

Growing up with parents who owned a retail toy store, Dr. Steven Wilson learned a critical business lesson—customer service is the key to success. And although eye care is quite different than selling toys, that experience has helped personal attention and quality care become a foundation for success at Wilson Eye Center.

For patients of Dr. Wilson and the practice’s other doctors, this commitment means that over 95% of them are seen within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time. The staff works hard to deliver efficient and accurate distribution of products and services through an onsite lab. And technology plays a role as well, with patient access to a portal for registration, insurance registration, and digital appointment reminders.

Under Dr. Wilson’s leadership, Wilson Eye Center launched the “EyePod”—the first office-based system in the US for home delivery of optical goods, which led to recognition by Vision Monday. His vision and passion for delivering the “ultimate patient experience” has eye care professionals—in Georgia and increasingly, throughout the country—taking notice of Dr. Wilson’s efforts to ensure that all private practices enjoy the right to provide the best inventory along with quality care.

For the last 13 years, Wilson Eye Center has been named the Best Eye Care Office in South Georgia. Now, as a 2016 Best Practice, they are recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.