VisionArts Eyecare Center

Location: Fulton, MO
Website: http://www.visionartseyecare.com
Established: 1990
Number of Doctors: 1

What makes VisionArts Eyecare Center a Best Practice.

For more than 25 years, VisionArts Eyecare Center has been focused on improving quality of life through individualized education, compassionate care, and innovative health technology. Optometrist James W. Vann is also a certified holistic health practitioner, and has dedicated his practice to the prevention and early detection of eye disease. He is passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices and strives to bring that passion to every part of his practice.

Combining cutting edge technology, extensive specialty testing, and a dedication to service, Dr. Vann and his staff work to make the patient experience at VisionArts Eyecare Center second to none.

Dr. Vann’s personal motto, “hire heart, teach skill,” influences everything that happens at VisionArts Eyecare Center. He expects his staff to be passionate about what they do, understand all facets of the practice, and above all, provide exceptional care—a commitment to people that goes beyond giving a thorough eye exam or offering an extensive selection of eyewear.

With cartoons playing in exam rooms for kids and cookies shaped like eyeglasses, even the youngest patients experience personal attention at VisionArts Eyecare Center. And at the community level, Dr. Vann’s staff gets involved through VisionArts Caring for Callaway, a not-for-profit that helps fundraise for a new charity each year.

In their own words, VisionArts Eyecare Center is “built on a culture of caring.” It’s a foundation that’s helped them become a Best Practice for 2016.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.