Vision Optique

Location: Houston, TX
Website: https://www.visionoptique.com
Established: 1999
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Vision Optique a Best Practice.

Founded in 1999, Vision Optique is a private optometric practice in Houston, Texas that features an innovative high-end optical, an advanced contact lens practice, and a comprehensive ocular health center. Led by Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD, the practice’s co-founder, Vision Optique focuses on giving patients an exceptional experience from start to finish. All necessary paperwork and insurance pre-authorizations are taken care of prior to appointments so that when patients—Vision Optique’s “guests”—enter the practice, they are greeted with a warm smile, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a stylish, browser-friendly optical. 

"Our mission statement is ‘providing the finest eyecare and eyewear is our vision, improving your quality of life is our passion.’ As a team, we try to live up to that daily."
Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD

Vision Optique is quick to adopt the latest innovations in eye care and eye wear technology. Doctors prescribe premium contact lenses and the highest quality spectacles, and educate patients on why these products are superior. Vision Optique’s opticians utilize a virtual reality device to simulate a patient’s vision with the prescribed lens solutions, and also use digital lens measuring technology.  

The practice fits more than 77% of its patients in 1-day contact lenses, and is a leader in visual anti-aging solutions, digital eye fatigue education and prevention, and dry eye disease management.  “One of the things I’m most passionate about is education and prevention,” says Dr. Shen Lee. “As a doctor, I’m passionate about preventing diseases. My preference as a doctor is to not see the disease progress.”

The staff of Vision Optique play an integral role in the practice’s success. “We try our best to hire personality, to hire individuals that come motivated. Our staff like what we do as a practice,” says Dr. Shen Lee. She also believes in leading by example, pointing out that she considers it her job to motivate, inspire and provide the proper resources to help staff members be their best. “We truly appreciate staff, treat them like family, try our best to lead them so that they motivate themselves.”

Dr. Shen Lee believes that one of the greatest challenges facing the profession is a lack of consumer understanding of what optometry can do and strives to do her part to address that challenge. “We go to get our teeth cleaned twice a year because that’s what we’ve been taught but we haven’t been taught about our eye health the same way,” she says. “That’s why consumers go to mail-order services ... because they associate optometry with glasses or contacts only and not with eye health. I am super passionate about the education aspect.”

 Dr. Shen Lee serves as an advisor on various eye care companies boards on the topics of ocular health, lens innovations, health care social media, and anti-aging eye care. The ongoing commitment of Vision Optique’s doctors and staff to both the advancement of the profession and the delivery of quality care are what make them a 2018 Best Practices honoree.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.