Vision Health Institute

Location: Orlando, FL
Website: http://www.myvhi.com
Established: 1990
Number of Doctors: 2

What makes Vision Health Institute a Best Practice.

When patients in the Orlando area walk into Vision Health Institute, they are greeted by a newly remodeled space that allows for fast and efficient eyewear pickup and private adjustment. And if patients don’t have time to stop in? They can make a quick stop at the convenient drive-up window.

With an emphasis on the latest trends in optical and clinical design, the Vision Health Institute office offers a streamlined patient experience with optimal privacy and personal care, featuring paperless EHR technology and a fully integrated clinical workflow design.

Since opening their new office in 2014, the practice has experienced double-digit growth month over month, and that’s thanks to more than just aesthetics. As leaders in the optometric community, Dr. Mark Perry and his staff are working hard to advance the eye care industry and impress patients along the way.

Vision Health Institute continues to put the patient experience first by striving to provide their communities with the highest quality care in the most innovative, inviting environment—all part of being a Best Practice for 2016.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.