The Koetting Associates

Location: St. Louis, MO
Website: https://www.koettingassociates.com
Established: 1922
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes The Koetting Associates a Best Practice.

With a tradition of excellence and forward thinking dating back to 1922, The Koetting Associates was first founded by Felix Koetting, OD. He was eventually joined by his son, Robert Koetting, OD, in 1947, who became very intrigued by the potential of contact lenses. This interest continued to grow, and in 1961, he began a practice exclusive to contacts. In 1982, Carmen Castellano, OD, joined Dr. Koetting, and purchased the practice four years later. Today, the practice continues the tradition of providing quality comprehensive eye care with a strong emphasis on contact lenses. They offer virtually all primary care optometric services: eye wear, contact lens care, medical eye care and surgical co-management. But Dr. Castellano notes that the practice is still known for contact lenses, which account for approximately 60 percent of its revenue.

"What I’m most proud of is that we’ve maintained our commitment to high quality care with a strong emphasis on contact lenses for many, many years. It’s because of this commitment that we’ve been recognized as a leader in the contact lens industry."
Carmen Castellano, OD

As a leader in contact lenses, The Koetting Associates has participated in studies that investigate a variety of materials, designs, and care products, all of which has enabled the practice to stay on the leading edge of contact lens technology. Dr. Castellano believes in embracing the advantages of technology in all aspects of practice, especially when it comes to improving patient care. “We start with what’s going to make us better practitioners, which turns into what’s going to do well by the patient,” says Castellano. “It’s nice to purchase an instrument that can pay for itself in terms of billing, but the number one thing is to make decisions that will provide better care.”

The tradition of the family practice has been carried on through Dr. Castellano, as his two sons—Joseph Castellano, OD, and Nicholas Castellano, OD—joined him in 2011 and 2016, respectively. All three share a commitment to superior patient care and encourage their staff to follow that lead. “Probably your most important aspect of your practice is your staff,” says Dr. Castellano. “Your staff is an extension of you, the first line of defense, and if you don’t have a good staff, it doesn’t matter how good of a doctor you are, your practice will be perceived in a negative manner.”

Dr. Castellano is committed to both the profession and community—and works to be active in both.  They host clinical externships for several colleges of optometry, and are active in both the American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Optometry. The doctors and staff participate in fundraising for the United Way, Ronald McDonald House and Toys for Tots. Their commitment to the community even extends to the arts, with the work of local artists being showcased in public areas of the practice. 

By identifying and building upon their collective and historic strengths, The Koetting Associates distinguishes itself as a 2018 Best Practices honoree.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.