The Eye Doctors

Location: Tampa, FL
Website: http://www.theeyedocs.com
Established: 2007
Number of Doctors: 3

What makes The Eye Doctors a Best Practice.

Led by Dr. Samuel Teske, The Eye Doctors is an award-winning, multi-location, private optometry practice located in Tampa, Florida. A dedicated staff that strives to deliver exceptional customer service is what defines this practice, which has been providing quality eye care since 2007.

The Eye Doctors utilize the latest equipment to provide the highest-quality care available, but what they believe helps them stand apart is their idea of “Ownership Attitude.” Each employee is given a career plan and a degree of autonomy, putting the power into the staff’s hands to be great and do great, all with the patient in mind.

The Eye Doctors constantly look for ways to utilize the latest technology in care, whether it’s a leading-edge procedure such as BlephEx, having iPads in each exam room, or simply providing patients with educational videos specifically related to their visit. The staff also advances their own procedural expertise with video training through the practice’s learning management system.

Thanks to this highly trained and dedicated support staff, the practice’s doctors are able to concentrate on each patient rather than worry about data input or administrative work. But having a highly efficient office that employs the latest and greatest technology is only half of the equation for The Eye Doctors. They invest in their people, with a direct focus on their patients—a decision that has helped make them a 2016 Best Practice.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.