Specialty Eyecare Group

Location: Kirkland, WA
Website: http://www.specialtyeye.com
Established: 2007
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Specialty Eyecare Group a Best Practice.

Dr. David Kading, and Dr. Kristi Kading, founded Specialty Eyecare Group to enrich people’s lives through prevention and wellness. They do this with their own patients but also through the education of their referring practitioners.

Their primary care and referral-based practice specializes in anterior and posterior segment diseases, dry eye, binocular vision, pediatrics and specialty contact lens fittings. They work to detect early-stage disease, slow its progression, and bring wellness to their patients in the Pacific Northwest.

Since 2007, Specialty Eyecare Group’s doctors have committed to providing innovation in eyecare, health and wellness by delivering personalized care for each patient in unison with the most advanced technologies.

The practice's four doctors are well known internationally for their contributions in anterior segment disease, dry eye, specialty contact lenses, athletic safety, infant healthcare, neurological challenges, and children’s visual and learning development. Their research department and writing have helped to reveal innovative practices and insights across the globe. As prolific presenters, the doctors have shared with thousands of practitioners innovative ways to both care for patients and progress towards wellness and prevention. Their specialty binocular vision and pediatric practices serve as a beacon to struggling parents and patients who feel they have no more hope.

Specialty Eyecare Group’s doctors are among the top 50 most influential optometrists of all time, recognized among the top 250 innovators in eyecare, and have been awarded the nation’s top honor for pediatric eyecare (David Sullen’s InfantSee award.)

Dr. Kading's passion to enrich lives, bring about wellness, and educate others has helped make Specialty Eyecare Group a 2017 Best Practice.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.