Somers Eye Center

Location: Somers, NY
Website: http://www.somerseye.com
Established: 1978
Number of Doctors: 3

What makes Somers Eye Center a Best Practice.

A passion for the future of eye care is what Somers Eye Center hopes sets them apart. Dr. Ami Ranani has nearly 40 years of experience practicing optometry and is devoted to helping others learn—not only staff and students, but also his patients. With 17 employees and a 4th-year extern from the SUNY Optometry externship program each year, Somers Eye Center is full of people who care about eye health and are committed to sharing their knowledge with others.

Dr. Ranani’s practice continues to grow, and so does the technology he offers. As a beta tester for innovative programs like Eyefinity EHR on the cloud (which Somers Eye Center now uses), Dr. Ranani understands that as times change, eye care practices have to follow. He keeps his own eye on opportunities to offer improved care at every step—a commitment to technological advancement that has helped Somers Eye Center see proven savings in time and money. As a result, visits, exams and product ordering have become easier and more convenient for the practice’s patients.

In Dr. Ranani’s words, “the outlook is very bright” at Somers Eye Center, where embracing technology as a critical tool for providing eye care excellence has helped them grow the practice, advance the industry, and become a 2016 Best Practice. They hope to continue inspiring the next generation of eye care professionals while taking tremendous care of the patients who place their trust in Somers Eye Center.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.