San Ramon Family Optometry, Inc.

Location: San Ramon, CA
Website: http://www.sanramonfamilyoptometry.com
Established: 1989
Number of Doctors: 5

What makes San Ramon Family Optometry, Inc. a Best Practice.

Recently named one the “Best of the Best in Eye Care” practices by Bay Area Magazine, San Ramon Family Optometry has been providing quality eye care for more than 27 years, and they continue to try to “wow” their patients every day.

Beyond the Starbucks coffee they serve, or the gourmet chocolate they place on a velvet tray with each new pair of glasses, San Ramon Family Optometry is committed to giving patients what they want most—quality care. Though lead doctor Dr. Beverly Smith hopes this attention to detail and delivery will impress, she believes deeply that it’s what’s behind the extra-special treatment that really counts. All the doctors and staff of San Ramon Family Optometry want their patients to feel taken care of—and know that this is a practice they can trust.

San Ramon Family Optometry is committed to continual improvement, offering the latest technologies and most recent innovations in eye care to ensure the highest levels of diagnostics, testing and treatment for patients. They also mentor future optometrists with the hope of inspiring students, whose youthful energy also brings life and encouragement to the office and staff.

In addition to her optometric training, Dr. Smith holds an MBA in healthcare management, focusing her practice management consulting on helping new practices succeed. After 31 years in the industry and nearly three decades leading San Ramon Family Optometry, Dr. Smith knows what it takes to run a successful eye care practice. As a 2016 Best Practice, she understands above all what a privilege it is to help others—patients, staff and colleagues alike.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.