Phoenix Eye Care

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Website: https://phxeyecare.com
Established: May 2013
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Phoenix Eye Care a Best Practice.

Phoenix Eye Care serves as a resource for complex and challenging patients throughout Arizona and the Southwest—particularly for those with dry eye, ocular surface disease, or who require specialty contact lenses. The practice is located on a hospital campus and is modern and bright, featuring a broad array of advanced diagnostic and treatment technology.

"If there was one challenge in the industry that I could work to solve, it would be how we view ourselves as optometrists. We don’t always recognize our own significance and the difference we make in people’s lives. If there is one thing that holds us back, it’s our limited perception of ourselves—and I would love to fix that."
Arthur Epstein, OD

Owners Arthur Epstein, OD, and Shannon Steinhauser, OD, are deeply committed to the advancement of optometry. Dr. Epstein has delivered more than 1,200 lectures around the world, in addition to the publication of hundreds of articles and more than a dozen book chapters. Dr. Steinhauser is a past president of the Arizona Optometric Association and is the current continuing education chair. Dr. Epstein and Dr. Steinhauser also produce the weekly electronic e-journal, Optometric Physician.

By design, Phoenix Eye Care benefits from a dedication to ongoing education, industry collaboration, and research. The doctors work closely with leaders in the contact lens, medical device and ophthalmic pharmaceutical industries, and have collaborated with some of the brightest minds in ophthalmic science, engineering, product design and formulation. Dr. Epstein has designed several hand instruments used for anterior segment procedures. With early access to many developing technologies and products, Phoenix Eye Care is better able to provide state-of-the-art care for its patients.

Patient care always comes first. Phoenix Eye Care treats everyone will the respect and attention they deserve. Before the practice opened in 2013, after-hours eye care was largely non-existent in the Phoenix metro area, but the team regularly accepts evening and weekend calls, as well as referrals from urgent care and emergency rooms around the state. Seven years later, this aspect of their care still sets them apart. Phoenix Eye Care typically serves as a resource for patients who have otherwise been unable to find adequate care, especially for challenging or hard-to-diagnose conditions. The practice’s dry eye clinic, The Dry Eye Center of Arizona, receives referrals from across the United States and has seen patients from as far away as the Middle East and South America.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.