Miamisburg Vision Care

Location: Miamisburg, OH
Website: https://burgvision.com
Established: 1941
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Miamisburg Vision Care a Best Practice.

Everything the team does at Miamisburg Vision Care is geared toward delivering patients in Miamisburg, Ohio the best experience not only in eye care, but anywhere. The practice understands that people encounter frustrations in many aspects of their day, and they hope to provide an escape from that.

"I enjoy when a patient comes to me and says, ‘I’ve had this problem for months, years’—whatever it is, I just love solving their problems. I love being somebody who can fix a problem that hasn’t been fixed before."
David Anderson, OD

At every weekly office meeting, practice partners David Anderson, OD, and Keith Basinger, OD, recognize staff for going the extra mile to help patients. Miamisburg Vision Care has always been an early adopter of new technology and treatment options, knowing that staying ahead of the curve ensures that patients are receiving the highest quality care. The practice is involved in contact lens and other eye-related FDA trials and studies, keeping them at the leading edge of the latest innovations and products.

Each of the practice’s four doctors has a specific area of focus, allowing them to collectively meet the needs of each patient, referring to each other as needed. The ability to offer comprehensive eye care has enabled Miamisburg Vision Care to become the “home” for all things eye care in its community.

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Basinger believe that being active in local optometry and state associations is crucial to the advancement of the profession. Through his involvement with the Ohio Optometric Association (OOA)—including serving as president—Dr. Anderson has been deeply involved in legislative advocacy, helping to pass three pro-optometry bills in just the last two years. All of Miamisburg Vision Care’s doctors, and even members of its staff, have participated in the OOA Lobby Day, directly meeting with legislators to engage in their decision-making processes to protect and advance optometry. Dr. Anderson was recently awarded the OOA Key OD of the Year Award in honor of his advocacy efforts.

Miamisburg Vision Care regularly gives back to its community, volunteering at the civic level, through religious groups, or by donating time and/or funding to groups that serve the local community. The doctors also perform free eye exams at local iSee events, through the InfantSee program, and RealEyes.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.