Livermore Optometry Group

Location: Livermore, CA
Website: http://www.livermoreoptometry.com
Established: 1947
Number of Doctors: 7

What makes Livermore Optometry Group a Best Practice.

For more than 70 years, Livermore Optometry Group has been a leader in eye care and health care in t­he San Francisco Bay Area. Now with seven doctors and 35 staff members, the practice is known for its ability to provide exceptional eye care services and patient experiences. Their core culture is to “Just Say Yes” to patients and staff.­

"We have ROI, and then there’s RMI—Return on Mental Investment. If we have the means to get technology that helps our doctors do a great job and take care of patients and sleep better at night, we’re going to do that."
Steven Faith, OD

Livermore Optometr­y Group is led by Clark Abramson, OD, Steven Faith, OD, and Shawna Kuntz, OD, and utilizes every clinical technology available to the contemporary eye care practice. They leverage their numbers to be sure that any patient’s need can be addressed at their office and they strive to be known as the place to go for all eye care. “We are one of the only independent offices that actually offers a complete low vision service in the area (outside of a university setting),” says Dr. Faith. “There’s not a contact lens on the market that we don’t fit, not an age or type of personality that we don’t take care of.”

With a staff of 35 and ever-growing needs, finding and developing happy and engaged staff members has been key to Livermore Optometry Group’s success. Finding the right people and then training them to be independent leaders themselves is a fundamental part of their approach. “Have a clear big picture of your practice goals. Give guidance in the structure needed to achieve those goals. Get the right people and then get out of the way,” says Dr. Faith.

The practice has a complete on-site VSP certified ophthalmic finishing lab so that it can process its own private and VSP prescriptions. On top of that, its contact lens clinic is capable of modifying RGP lenses on site, enabling faster completion times and total control over the quality of the products dispensed.  They strive to introduce the newest and most effective technology in all areas of practice with a primary goal of improving patient care, regardless of reimbursement rates. 

Livermore Optometry Group is also a certified ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test) Center, and has donated baseline tests to their two local high schools’ athletic programs. The doctors are currently working with Stanford University and ValleyCare Hospital to develop a local concussion center to advance knowledge and care for concussed patients and their families.

Cutting edge technology combined with a comprehensive approach to all aspects of modern patient care are what make Livermore Optometry Group a 2018 Best Practices Honoree.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.