Little Eyes

Location: Carmel, IN
Website: http://www.littleeyes.com
Established: 2013
Number of Doctors: 1

What makes Little Eyes a Best Practice.

As a mother of two, Dr. Katherine Schuetz knows a thing or two about little ones. So when her four-year old son said he wanted to have his own optometry office one day, she listened. And then she acted. He has described a future office with little chairs, little equipment, and little glasses. When he announced the practice would be called “Little Eyes,” the idea stuck. Three years later, that dream became a reality.

Little Eyes specializes in primary care pediatric optometry. This unique approach focuses on the importance of annual wellness visits rather than visual therapy. The practice offers unique frame styles, exclusive designers, and dailies, with a focus on promoting the importance of fresh, clean, sterile contacts for patients who meet the criteria and are ready for contact lenses.

The practice also offers a “first time fit” program—a class that educates both parents and patients about the best ways to wear contact lenses, how to put their minds at ease during the process, as well as how to ensure long-term happy and healthy patient success.

In 2016, Little Eyes successfully added orthokeratology, allowing Dr. Schuetz and team to better serve and positively impact young athletes and high-risk myopic kids with this technology.

At Little Eyes, Dr. Schuetz and her staff invest in the practice each and every day, believing that the profession is only as strong as its next generation—a conviction that has helped make the practice a 2017 Best Practice.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.