Highlands Ranch Optical

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Website: http://www.highlandsranchoptical.com
Established: 2004
Number of Doctors: 2

What makes Highlands Ranch Optical a Best Practice.

Ask Jeff Ward, OD, to describe Highlands Ranch Optical in one word, and without hesitation, he’ll respond with “passionate.” Since establishing the practice in 2004, Dr. Ward has built a culture in which doctors and staff are passionate; about the specialties they offer, the relationships they form with patients, the instruments they utilize, the eye wear they sell, and the personal growth they all achieve. “I’m most proud of our commitment to offering the highest level of primary eyecare available on a daily basis,” says Dr. Ward.

"I’m a big believer in trusting your employees, not micromanaging. My feeling about leadership is that I’m always there when they need advice, but I always encourage them to trust their knowledge and experience and to be as autonomous as possible."
Jeff Ward, OD

Dr. Ward is a myopia management enthusiast, and the fact that the rate of myopia in the U.S. has increased more than 66 percent over the past 30 years has only fueled this enthusiasm. Having practiced orthokeratology for more than a decade, he has seen first-hand the benefits of slowing or even halting myopia progression. He even went as far as to open the Neuro-Optometric Institute of the Rockies. Housed under the same roof as Highlands Ranch Optical, this separate clinic provides sports vision and vision therapy services. But Dr. Ward has a grander vision for the practice, and soon it will also be providing vision rehabilitation for patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Ward attributes a well-educated and passionate staff as a major factor in the success of Highlands Ranch Optical. He’s always looking for opportunities to further his education and encourages every member of his staff to actively pursue similar opportunities and certifications whenever possible, funding their studies and providing financial incentives for successful completion. “Employees love it because they’re not in a dead-end job and the patients love it because they can tell the staff is both up to speed and excited about their profession,” says Dr Ward. 

To maintain satisfied patients, Dr. Ward believes in making substantial investments in his practice. In 2016, Highlands Ranch Optical moved offices, nearly tripling its square footage. The move transformed the practice from a standard-looking medical office to a unique, comforting location, allowing for the expansion of the practice’s services.

An ongoing commitment to excellence, expanded services and continued education are just some of the qualities that make Highlands Ranch Optical a 2018 Best Practices Honoree.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.