Havasu Eye Center

Location: Lake Havasu, AZ
Website: http://havasueyecenter.com
Established: 1990
Number of Doctors: 2

What makes Havasu Eye Center a Best Practice.

Dr. Stuart Adams and Dr. Stephanie Woo lead the Havasu Eye Center with their expertise, passion, and shared commitment to quality care. Since 1990, Dr. Adams has been practicing in the rural city of Lake Havasu, providing full-scope eye care to patients of all ages. Now with three successful locations, Havasu Eye Center is a leader in providing "gold-standard" eye care while helping to advance the profession by continuing to educate their staff, patients and peers.

Dr. Woo joined Dr. Adams in 2012 and the practice continues to flourish with both doctors at the helm. Dr. Woo has grown the specialty lens portion of the practice to over 1,000 patients and is one of the top specialty lens fitters in Arizona. She lectures around the world on the topic of contact lenses, soft contact lenses, specialty contact lenses, and anterior segment eye diseases.

Thanks to Dr. Woo’s expertise, Havasu Eye Center offers the latest soft contact lens options on the market. In fact, the practice is one of the only eye care centers in the nation to offer the EyePrint Prosthetic, a custom ocular prosthetic device for severely irregular corneas.

Recently, Havasu Eye Center opened a Dry Eye Center of Excellence to help diagnose and manage dry eye disease at a high level. The practice also recently gained an electroretinogram (ERG) and visually evoked potential (VEP) machine to monitor certain diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, stroke, amblyopia, and many other retina/brain diseases. They are the only practice in a 200-mile radius with this technology.

Dr. Woo is a board member of the Scleral Lens Education Society and has donated hundreds of hours to the Scleral Lens Society in hopes of helping practitioners and patients better understand scleral lenses.

Dr. Adams, an accomplished and well-respected optometrist in his own right, was a Rotarian within Lake Havasu for many years, and received a Paul Harris Fellowship twice. He was also a member of the Referrals club for many years.

Both Dr. Adams and Dr. Woo are members of the Arizona Optometric Association and Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry.

For their many accomplishments, excellence in care and continued commitment to advancing the profession of optometry, Havasu Eye Center is a 2017 Best Practice.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.