J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center

Location: Coal City, IL
Website: http://visionsource-coalcity.com
Number of Doctors: 3

What makes J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center a Best Practice.

Caring for the community with honest, capable eye care using the latest technology. That’s what Best Practices Honoree J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center wants to be known for. 

Jonathan Micetich, OD, believes in the value of thoroughly incorporating technology into the exam process, noting that it makes a great educational tool for patients. To that end, the practice has invested in the most advanced technology to deliver the best possible patient experience.  Patients are presented with rooms that are filled with computer screens. Information is conveyed electronically whenever possible.  The practice’s imaging equipment is linked together through the cloud, so when a patient has imaging done, they can be shown the results on iPads within moments. 

" We focus heavily on the total health of our patients."
Jonathan Micetich, OD

“We show them visuals so that they can see the conditions/effects. Obviously, we think glasses, contacts, and refractive surgery are important, but a patient’s overall health is just as important,” said Dr. Micetich. 

They also makes sure the practice brings this mentality to every patient interaction, which has led to a steadfast reputation and a continuous flow of new patients. Located in a small rural town in north central Illinois, Family Eye Care Center operates on the premise that all patients deserve comprehensive, high-quality, honest eye care. Since opening over 15 years ago, Family Eye Care Center has also established itself in the area’s medical community. Dr. Micetich reached out immediately to the clinics and specialists in the area to help develop a network of healthcare professionals.  

A major philosophy of the practice is that if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. The doctors and staff often attend conferences and seminars, sharing ideas for improving the practice. The doctors of Family Eye Care Center continuously encourage their staff to train and stay current whether by webinars, individual training, online certificates, or live events. They believe education is not only the key to understanding the latest technology, but also to understanding the ever-changing needs and demands of their patients.  

Growth has been a constant for Family Eye Care Center, which recently welcomed another optometrist, Jennifer Chu, OD, to the practice. “Dr. Chu has been a wonderful addition to the practice.  She embodies all the characteristics of our practice: Personable, knowledgeable and understanding,” said Dr. Micetich.

Dr. Micetich believes that, ultimately, caring for the community is the key to their success. The practice looks for every opportunity to give back, and reaches out to the community at wellness fairs, events and festivals. In doing so, the Family Eye Care Center is better able to help potential patients understand their insurance plans and what their visits to the practice would entail. During the holidays, patients are encouraged to nominate those in need of eye care for the “Operation Christmas Sight” program, which results in free eye exams, glasses, and/or a year supply of contact lenses for patients in need. 

Technology, service, education, personal growth and care for the community: their commitment to these philosophies is what makes J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center a 2018 Best Practices Honoree.

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