Draisin Vision Group

Location: Charleston, SC
Website: https://draisinvision.com/
Established: 1972
Number of Doctors: 6

What makes Draisin Vision Group a Best Practice.

According to practice owner Jennifer Zolman, OD, Draisin Vision Group is a customer service business that just so happens to specialize in eye care. The team at her Charleston, S.C. practice is dedicated to delivering patients an experience they can’t get anywhere else, doing everything possible to make each visit a “wow.” From a patient’s first phone call to the practice to check-out at the end of their exam, Draisin Vision Group has special touches in place to enhance the patient experience.

"Our patients really feel like they’re a part of our family. It’s such a reward knowing that we are able to offer them that—and to know that we have changed people’s lives through some of our specialty services."
Jennifer Zolman, OD

Dr. Zolman believes that one can never stop learning, and staying on top of all that is new is essential for moving ahead. She is constantly reading books, listening to podcasts, attending conferences, and engaging with other practitioners to soak in new knowledge to benefit her patients and practice. She is also always evaluating the latest advancements in technology and treatments.

In addition to her dedication to the success of Draisin Vision Group—and raising a young family—Dr. Zolman is committed to the advancement of optometry through her leadership of various professional and nonprofit organizations, including the South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association (SCOPA), the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), and InfantSEE. She has been involved in advocating for important changes in legislation and educating the public about the importance of infant and children’s eye exams. Dr. Zolman is also quick to lend her expertise to the next generation of optometrists through her work with six colleges of optometry.

The approach to patient care at Draisin Vision Group has stood the test of time, from its founding by Dr. Neil Draisin in 1972 and over the past 48 years. Because of the relationship that the practice builds with its patients, they are successful—including selling a high percentage of annual supplies of contact lenses—despite online competition. Dr. Zolman and her team love their community and take advantage of opportunities to give back.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.