Doctor My Eyes

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Website: https://www.doctormyeyes.net
Established: 1985
Number of Doctors: 1

What makes Doctor My Eyes a Best Practice.

In an industry filled with ever-advancing technology, it is the personal touch that makes Doctor My Eyes stand out. Stephen Cohen, OD, prides himself on remaining at the cutting edge of technology while continuing to foster the kind of relationships with his patients that keep them coming back for life. The staff at Doctor My Eyes believes in being early adopters of important eye care technology without losing sight of the fact that the patient experience is what matters most. “It’s not just providing an eye exam, it’s the relationship. I want to be known for that,” says Dr. Cohen. “We have never put in an automated phone system. We are in a service field; I want them to speak to a person when they call.”

The staff at Doctor My Eyes share Dr. Cohen’s commitment to excellence and personal service. While continuously seeking to improve by gathering feedback from patients, sales reps and one another, the staff are always looking for ways to improve the patient experience. And Dr. Cohen encourages each of them to utilize their individual strengths to accomplish that common goal.

"By empowering everyone in my office in what they do, it brings out the best. We don’t have a perfect person, but we have a perfect practice because all the skills we need are in someone. We tap into everybody’s strengths."
Stephen Cohen, OD

Dr. Cohen recognizes that one of the greatest challenges facing practitioners today is the tremendous demand for their time. As the medical model grows, insurance reimbursements dwindle and practices need to see ever-increasing numbers of patients, he recognizes that keeping the patient experience central becomes more difficult. But he emphasizes that, in order to truly succeed, eye care practices need to make those personal connections the most. And the time is now to make those connections. “It becomes very easy for us to rely upon delegation. What I would love to be able to impress upon others is the need to keep it personal. As technology allows us to do more things faster, the interaction becomes more critical.”

While maintaining those relationships—sometimes with something as simple as a personal phone call to follow-up on a patient’s care—Dr. Cohen also believes in leading the profession by example. He has been a key influencer in eye care throughout his career: mentoring students, lecturing and serving on various boards. While embracing his special interest in dry eye disease, he became the first optometrist to serve on the national board of the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation in 2011 and he is currently serving as their first OD Chairman. This combination of leadership, collaboration, innovation and relationship-building is what makes Doctor My Eyes a 2018 Best Practices Honoree.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.