Associates in Eyecare - Optometrists

Location: Ashburn, VA
Website: https://aievision.com
Established: 2004
Number of Doctors: 30

What makes Associates in Eyecare - Optometrists a Best Practice.

For more than 16 years, Associates in Eyecare - Optometrists (AIE) has provided exceptional eye care service to patients throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. metro area. Through research and tracking of industry trends, AIE has determined that the best competitive path forward is to focus on expanding its medically oriented optometric practices to allow for the highest level of patient care and increased medical reimbursements. And by growing the practice to 10 offices in just a few years, AIE has quickly become one of the largest independent optometric groups in the country.

"Through a combination of patient experience and service offerings, we have been able to gain a competitive advantage. We offer a level of service that you can’t get elsewhere, and we make sure that our patients can get everything they want and need under one roof."
Tiffany D. Lione, OD | Chief Medical Officer

AIE believes the best patient experiences are delivered via a combination of core competencies, which it achieves through an “A.I.E.” approach: Accommodation, Interaction, and Evolution. AIE’s ability to accommodate the vast spectrum and complexities of its patients’ vision and healthcare needs—via innovative technologies, products, and services—are the foundation for patient satisfaction. In the practice’s patient interactions, open communication, engagement, and respect ensure that patients feel valued, heard, and informed. And with the rapid evolution of the industry—including disruptive technology and the increasing rate of retail consolidation—AIE has continually found ways to adapt to ensure continued success.

AIE has assembled a robust corporate team, including a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Director of Human Resources, V.P. of Business Development, Regional Optical Director, and a professional board of directors comprised of recognized industry leaders. This level of infrastructure is critical to AIE’s growth but is virtually unheard of within the independent field.

To secure its position as a leader in the profession, AIE has partnered with Medical Optometry America (MOA), a new business venture with the goal of creating the first ever turnkey system for forward-thinking optometrists to shift more completely to a sustainable medical model.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.