Best Practices Team Travels Country to Meet Every Honoree

Throughout the end of February and early March, representatives from CooperVision—including Michele Andrews, Senior Director of North American Professional and Academic Affairs—traveled the country to visit each of the 2015 Best Practices honorees. It was inspiring to see the doctors in their own elements—in their offices, with their teams, and in some cases, with their patients. The Best Practices team learned more about what makes these optometrists and their staffs tick. They saw first-hand their passion for what they do every day, and why they succeed. During the visits, each practice was formally presented with a Best Practices plaque, and a professional videography crew took video and still photos for use in promoting the practices. Doctors sat down for on-camera interviews to talk about why they applied to the program, what being a Best Practice means to them, and highlighted some of the best practices that helped them earn this honor. Congratulations again to all of the 2015 Best Practices!

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