Eola Eyes

Eola Eyes

Location: Orlando, FL

Established: 2003

Website: Visit

Doctors: 4

ee_img1 Determined to provide the best care and products to patients—and to choose a business model that would support work-life balance—Dr. Kerry Giedd and fellow optometrist Dr. Brighid Williams opened Eola Eyes in 2003. Starting out “cold,” the practice has grown to include a third partner, an associate, four optometrists, and a team of eight employees, as well as an award-winning stand-alone office building.

For the founders of Eola Eyes, the key to their success has always been rooted in a passion for patients, staff and the community. They incorporate modern technology and high-tech equipment as part of their mission and commitment to providing quality care, helping each patient’s visit be the most specialized experience possible.

ee_img2 But taking care of patients goes beyond the exam room. The practice also works to be community partner, serving organizations such as Florida’s Vision Quest, the Foundation for Foster Children, Zebra Coalition, and Florida Lions’ Project Right to Sight. The staff also travels to the Dominican Republic to serve in vision care mission trips.

Supporting and advancing the eye care profession is a particular priority for Dr. Giedd, evidenced by her involvement in the AOA and AAO, as well as her service on the editorial board of Primary Care Optometry News. In 2011, Eola Eyes was featured on the cover of Women in Optometry, and today they are recognized as a 2015 Best Practice.

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